Top Ten Hunni Moments from the Golden Globes Love the Golden Globes, I’m thinking next year Hunniwater will be there.

Here are our top ten moments from the night.

Top Ten Hunni Moments from the Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s intro monologue esp. George Clooney and Joquin Phoenix jokes (minus Tam Honks jokes).

Elizabeth Moss saying oh sh** (love her red lipstick and her shoes! and her dress – were those hunni-combs on the sleeves?)

Jonah Hill and Margo Robbi not having the teleprompter and being handed their lines on a ripped out piece of paper.

Brian Cranston and Breaking Bad winning (had to go out like that!)

Jon Voight winning (but this may be mostly for the love we have for Ray Donovan as a show – think I saw Liev Schreiber shedding a tear?)

Amy Adams talking about her daughter who “taught me joy and to let go of fear.”

Robin Wright running to accept her award – girl is in shape!

Andy Sandberg’s acceptance speech – I’d like to thank “my team” too!

Amy Poehler making out with Bono when she won best actress in a TV series.

Emma Thompson on stage with a martini and shoes off!

Honorable mentions to Jacqueline Bisset. I wouldn’t say its the best moment but it was certainly a moment! Matthew McConaughey winning and doing well, Matthew McConaughey Cate Blanchet’s hair and the back of that dress!

Karin Butler explains varietal honey in her Salish Crossing Hunni Co. store.

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