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My Edmonds Restaurant News: A sweet new store in Salish Crossing

May 21, 2016

Excerpt originally appeared in, February 19, 2016


Show of hands, readers: How many of you have been to a “Honey Tasting”? I’m sure many have attended a fair share of wine tastings, and with the recent addition of Scratch, our awesome local distillery, we can add gin, vodka and whiskey tastings to our repertoire. But, honey tasting was offered at Hunni Co. and I was intrigued.


Hunni Co. had a soft opening, back in January. I stopped by to get a taste and learned about local honey, our bee community and how Karin Butler came to open her honey of a shop, at Salish Crossing.


Karin and Eric met in 2000 and became a creative couple. Eric hung up his UW Huskies helmet to stay at home with their children while Karin worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Washington. In addition to four boys, Eric has fathered several successful brands, including Eric’s Famous Energy Soda and other products see for more details.


Karin says “Eric is the creative idea guy.” She enthusiastically supports his concepts. “He comes up with an idea and I do my best to make it happen.”

Hunniwater products have penetrated the marketplace and can be purchased at PCC and in other regional chains, and nationally in Whole Foods and Safeway stores.


Hunniwater was the impetus for opening the Hunni Co shop in Edmonds. Karin’s goal: “I want to promote kindness, sweetness and goodness with our Hunni Co business.”


Karin provides education for the customer by offering tastes of the varieties, most from local beekeepers, including a delicious and rare maple honey. Created by bees that favor the pollen of local maple trees, this maple honey is only gathered every six years. One taste may inspire you to take home one of the lovely jars, complete with a wooden dipper.


A portion of Hunni Co. offers space for the community to gather and be educated. Karin envisions classes to teach attendees all about bees, their migration, how to manage a hive of your own, and kid-friendly activities. Karin shared a packet of Bee Feed Mix, created by Territorial Seed Company. She hopes this will encourage young home gardeners to plant the flowers that attract pollinators to their yards.


Hunni Co. partners include Seattle Tilth and Big Dipper Wax Works. The shop is filled with lovely items: candles crafted from bee’s wax, items of apparel that express support and love for bees, gift sets and, of course, the premier drink — Hunniwater.









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Karin Butler explains varietal honey in her Salish Crossing Hunni Co. store.

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